Monday, July 19, 2010

"Dr." Ron Carlson - A Lying Bigot for Christ

There is not much more that one needs to know about "Dr." Ron Carlson than is summed up in the following blurb from Amazon's Editorial Reviews section about a book he "co-authored" called "Fast Facts on False Teachings". That blurb is this: "World–renown cult experts Ron Carlson and Ed Decker combine their extensive knowledge to give readers quick, clear facts on the major cults and false teachings of today. Short, informative chapters contrast the cults’ theologies with the truth found in God’s Word. Readers will discover the key facts on—

* Atheism
* Buddhism
* Evolution
* Hinduism
* Islam
* Satanism"

Leaving aside the fact, for this post at least, that anyone who would ally with "Ed Decker" of the "I'll tell any lie and use any deceptive technique I can to Trash Mormons Deckers" is a dirt-bag, and an appalling blot upon Christ's reputation, Carlson outdoes his repugnant self here.

One may note with amusement, as does Baal, that "major cults" include: Atheism, Buddhism, Evolution, Hinduism, Islam, and perhaps nearest to my heart, Satanism. Now as I despise the man, and pray for his early and painful demise at the feet of an angry god whereupon he will undoubtedly come face to face with Satan, I will say this much: It takes a great deal of gumption to found a phony-baloney organization called "Christian Ministries International" which claims to be "strongly committed to historic Biblical Christianity and the Word of God. Our heart is for evangelism through Christian apologetics and training Christians to gracefully 'Contend earnestly for their faith,' Jude3" and take yourself seriously.

Right. Lumping Hinduism and Buddhism in alongside Satanism is very "graceful". It doesn't make you a hatemonger bigot at all.

For instance, Baal will take a shot at evangelizing "Dr." Carlson here. Hey buddy, the Christian Bible is a load of horse crap and your long haired hippy freak boy who was deservedly nailed to that tree was powerless to save himself let alone anyone else. You should come out of the false and delusional belief system you are trapped in and follow the true God. Isis. That is correct. Isis is the Goddess of this world not your friend Jebus. A good primer for you that might help you one day (although it is probably too late) into the presence of the gods is "The Book of Going Forth by the Day" more commonly referred to as the "Egyptian Book of the Dead". It has a great deal more to recommend it than your "Bible" and far more in common with it that you could ever wrap your tiny mind around.

There. That should convince you to ditch that false idol jesus christ.

Next time: more reasons to hate Ron Carlson. the way

Baal finds that Mr. Carlson went to spread his hatred at an odious little place called Shelter Cove Community Church. Readers are urged to call them at 209 567 3200 and politely let them know what a disgrace it is for people claiming to be "Christians" to be having such a bigoted, anti-Christian hatemonger speak at their church. Alternately you might politely write them at Shelter Cove Community Church, 4242 Coffee Road • Modesto, CA 95357. Or lastly, politely comment in the form at

We here at Evangelical Christianity is Evil sincerely hope the lousy economy is devastating to the ill-informed bigots of Shelter Cove Community Church as a result of their promulgation of Carlson's hatred.