Sunday, June 1, 2008

Evangelical Christians are SICK people

Every day somewhere in this country a self professed "evangelical" Christian goes out of their way to spread hatred, intolerance, and bigotry. This blog will catalog these offensive people and their odious thought, their misunderstanding and mutilation of the bible, and the damage they do to society. The neither toil nor reap, they simply tear down and destroy others in an attempt to build up their own empty souls.

Evangelical Christianity is destructive to families (they have higher divorce rates, higher drug abuse rates, higher rates of teen pregnancy), and society as a whole.

This blog is dedicated to tearing down evangelicals, their religion, and their communities in the hopes that some will come to their senses and see the destruction that their beliefs cause in this world.

Our first example of an evangelical in action witnessing Christ's love!

Always remember, if you come across evangelical children do your best to set an example of how someone should behave. If they make bigoted religious statements correct them and let them know that that is not how a true Christian behaves. Let them known that they have been taught false information in their churches.


Heidi Faith said...

Your link in this post is broken, FYI.

Just decided I'd take a visit to your blog in response to your comment on mine.

Can't say I agree 100% since a huge part of Christianity is spreading the word to others. I AM against forcing your opinion on others, so I guess we have common ground there.

Looking forward to more!

John Lamb said...

Share with me what true Christianity is.

John Lamb

Heidi Faith said...

Christianity is believing in Jesus Christ, practicing his virtues, and spreading the good news to others.

Greg Davis said...


I understand your angst. I assume you are genuinely trying to understand the hypocrisy that exists in Christendom. However, the existence of evil should not prevent us from doing good. We all have a responsibility before God to serve Him “in spirit and in truth.”

I welcome further discussions with you about your discoveries concerning the origins of the evangelical movement. I have heard some bad things about them. But let us not forget that there is no hypocrisy or evil in Jesus or in His body—the church. As long as we focus our attention on Him we will not be as distracted by the works of the devil.

With Joy and Peace.